Traduction d'un menu en anglais


  - Gourmet Menu 30 € -


Choice of Starter

 La Terrine de Loup

Terrine of seabass, scorpion fish and shellfish,

served with a tarragon-flavoured shellfish cream

 La Salade de Volaille

Chicken breast and prawn tail salad seasoned with lemon vinegar

 Choice of Main Dish

 Le Suprême de Pintade

Guinea fowl supreme with rosemary honey

 Les Aiguillettes de Porc

Thin shreds of pork fillet topped with crushed pepper and a spicy mushroom cream

 Le Tournedos de Thon

Tuna tournedos with smoked bacon, baby octopus stew and baby onions

 Choice of Dessert

 Le Panaché de Sorbets Mixed sorbets topped with fruit coulis

 Le Gâteau aux Pommes Caramelised apple cake

 Le Miroir au Chocolat Black chocolate cake served with vanilla cream



Net Prices – Service included